Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Week 4...part 3

Flowers and furbabies. I have both, but getting a photo of them together proved to be a challenge! So we'll start with the cooperative ones that allowed me to photograph them as I liked. This is our central bed out front.
That's a tiny picture, I don't know why...Next is my salvia under the live oak. It's taken 4 years for them to finally look good.

And my pot on the front porch. I've had the pot since we were newlyweds, and I love it because of the adventure that took place to aquire it.

Now for the naughty boy that won't sit still for pictures. We have to snap them quick because he starts to jump as soon as he sees the camera. But I did get a quickie of him with my yarrow.  You can even see my zinnia seedlings popping up back there.  Ears back...wouldn't Ceasar say that shows a calm, submisive state? Only for a second maybe. This is Bruno. He's a 6 year old Boston Terrier.

This is where he prefers to hang out-by the pool. Just like his pack leader. :~)

And here he is, sporting another new collar... My favorite picture of him.

Thanks to Misi for hosting this awesome scavenger hunt. It's been so much fun, and I've found some new bloggy friends along the way.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Week 4...part 2


Here's part two of this week's Scavenger Hunt. We needed 4 of the following list. As you'll see, I just made it!

Ruby Slippers
Wooden Shoes
Christening Gown
Dried Apple gourd (I only had a pear!)
Heart Shaped Pantry Cake

Now I know you're looking at the Ruby Slippers, and thinking to yourself, "Katherine's got some big, honkin' feet". These were actually part of a Halloween costume I made for a man to wear several years ago. He was Dorothy, and his wife was the Scarecrow. We bought the biggest pair of pumps we could find at the Goodwill and gave them a makeover. After the party, he wanted nothin' to do with these lovely slippers.

Here's a close-up of the panty cakes, so you can see they really are heart shaped...Check out Misi's blog here
Now I gotta get to work on next week's list! Furbabies and Flowers...

Have a  lovely weekend!


Scavenger Hunt Week 4...part 1

This week, Misi gave us a shopping list of sorts. Some of the items I already used, and a few I went shopping for. I love girly stuff, so I thouroughly enjoyed this hunt.

Bath & Body Work's - Gentle Foaming Hand Soap ~ "Warm Vanilla Sugar

Bath & Body Work's - Midnight Pomegranate Lotion

Bath & Body Work's - Orange Sapphire Lotion

Ulta Beauty's - 3 in 1 Shower Smoothies ~ Pink Champagne-or-Key Lime-or-Tangerine Dreams

Sephora's- Body Butter

Bed Head's - Hair Spray

John Frieda's - Shampoo

One Source's - Gummi Bear Multi Vitamins or any vitamins

Sally Hansen's - Diamond strength Nail Polish

Any CST,Big Bar Moisturizing Soap- Eucalyptus & Aloe, or Bergamot & Mint, or Tea Tree & Lavender, or Clay & Ginseng

A Half Eaten Pizza

The movie ~ Chevy Chase*Christmas Vacation

Polo Blue Cologne

A Bottle of True Blood

I have to tell you, I'd never used the Sally Hanson Diamond Strength polish before, and I'm really impressed. I've been working in my gardens all week, so have been putting off a manicure because I'd just ruin it. I put a couple of coats on one night , without a base or top coat. I worked all the next day outside. I hate to wear gloves when I plant, thus my hands are a mess. Anyway, this polish hadn't worn away on the tips at all. I just put on a  clear topcoat, and it looks as good as new. Plus, it's less expensive that my normal brand. Love it!

I'll be posting part two later on today. I just gotta climb up in the attic, and even worse, IRON something!

Thanks to Misi for hosting!

Have a lovely weekend,