Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whatcha Working on Wednesday...

I know it's a little late for Wednesday, but I'm linking up with Leslie's Whatcha Working on Wednesday anyway. My post and projects were all ready, but I had to wait to get pictures this morning. I've been working on several things, but these are the only two that are complete. So I'll start with this tin star shaped light that my Mother-in law gave me years ago. It has a glass chimney, which always seemed undersized. I used the chimney on something else, so the light has been tucked away for a few years now. I've also had this huge silicone bulb for a looong time. It's so big, I could never find the right lamp for it. When I was organizing (yes, really, I was) I got inspired and decided to experiment with a pillar sized slipcover for the candle.

I just used the cardboard circles from a spool of ribbon and some posterboard to make the cylinder. I covered it with some grocery sack, and added glue gun drips. Then I just painted it ivory and antiqued it with some water based antiqueing medium. I've always loved this little lamp, and now it's perfect for this spot in a dark hallway. When the jumbo bulb burns out, I'll just remove the pillar sleeve, and resume the search  for a more proportionate glass globe.

I also want to share my Valentine's day Wreath with you. I was fortunate enough to snag the sweetest Cupid ornament from Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives. This was her prototype for this new pattern, so I'm really thrilled to have him. Robin's work is fantastic-he's so well made. I knew he'd be the perfect centerpiece for a twiggy wreath, so I made several hearts in different reds,burgandy, pink and some muslin ones too. Those were supposed to be stitched with phrases like "Be Mine" and "Love", but whatever. Next year.

Isn't he the best? It was hard to get a good photo without all the glare on the glass, but it looks much better in person. (If you click on the photo it will enlarge) So now I'm ready for Valentine's day. Especially the chocolate!
So that's it from me today. I'm off to shop my my little one's 13th birthday...I'm on the hunt for Ripstik wheels and other fun boy things. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Doughbox Makeover

It's been a pretty low key Monday around here. The boys are out of school, so there is plenty of noise from video games and the never ending arguments. No fist fights yet, so that's a plus. But, between laundry and other glamorous chores, I was able to finish up a TS find that has been hanging around in the garage too long. Here's the before shot. Sorry it's all taken apart at this point, I got a little overzealous and almost forgot to get a photo. It's a 1960's "Early American" piece.

I don't mind the turned legs at all, in fact I really like them, but I thought the curvy apron around the bottom really made it look less authentic, so I covered it with some flat molding I had left over from some other project. I sprayed the hinges first, with some black Rustoleum Hammered finish paint, then I painted the rest black. I sanded the edges and then rubbed the whole thing down with Special Walnut stain.  It's now in my media room, waiting for the perfect lamp. It was hard to get decent pics, since it is so dark in there, but I think you get the idea. Not bad for $8.00 and some spare time.

It's deep, so there's lot's of room for the junk that accumulates in the room. LOVE that! 
So that's all from me today. I'm off to figure out what the heck is for dinner.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I get a Do-over?

On this blogging thing? I mean, I have to be in the top 10 worst bloggers for 2009. So let me start over, and try again. I'm much more organized this January than last, so let's hope I can keep that up. I am currently on hiatus at TDIPT Mercantile, but am planning to have some offerings ready for Spring, probably April. My work this year will be a reflection of what I really love. Old, worn, well loved dollies, and Santas. I've pulled out some inspiration fabrics and remnants. The basket below will be sitting on the work table in my sewing room, along with my pattern making materials, all ready for me to get started... There are indigos, double pinks, ticking, drab browns, and antique coverlet pieces in there.

The big doll is Lizzie. Sometimes she wears homespun or indigos, but today she's Amish. That's a real Amish baby dress she's wearing.* Love it* The little boy I made ages ago, out of old materials. They'll be reminding me to keep it simple.

Since today is Whatcha Workin on Wednesday at one of my favorite blogs, Leslie's My Country Home, I'll join in with one of my first re-dos of the new year. These are just those basic pine cheese boxes you've all seen. Below is the larger one, I stained it back in the 80's when everything had to be stained. It's been on top of my kitchen cabinets unseen, to lift up some baskets I have displayed there. The smaller one I found at the thrift, with an ugly mauve painted wood cutout that said "Welcome" hot glued to the top. I peeled that baby off and left it right on there on the store shelf.

I painted them in my favorite blues. I am loving them now, and have to move some stuff around to find them a prominent home.

So I'm off for now, there's lots on my to-do list today. But first, I think I'll grab a Diet Coke, and read a few blogs!