Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday...

Why are Mondays always so wacky? I came down with a horrible cold Friday, so I woke up this morning with my sinuses throbbing. I just needed to get the kids dropped off at their schools, then I could have a little sofa time with some hot tea to ease into my day. We had a busy weekend, which really stinks when you don't feel well. Things were actually running pretty smoothly, only 9 minutes late getting out the door. No big deal-the boys like to get to school early, so technically, we weren't late. One practices his baritone, the other socializes for 30 minutes. We got to the middle school, and as I was getting my younger son's instrument out of the back of the car, I noticed he looked a little funny. As soon as I asked "Are you Okay?", he barfed, right there on the sidewalk. So we get him back in the car, and I finally get my older one dropped off at the high school. That took longer than usual because a light at a major intersection was out. Now we're settled in back at home, and I can tell he's feeling fine and is about to burst in here to tell me how bored he is, so all is normal for the moment...
I'm working on several projects as usual, hopefully those will be done later this week, so I can start on my guest bathroom re-do. My hubby put up new light fixtures in the bathrooms over the weekend, so I've been filling holes and touching up. I did get time to make a monogrammed burlap pillow to go on my bench on the front porch. I just repainted the bench for the last time, and am finally happy with it. It was stained when I got it, then painted burgandy, even though I wanted to paint it black way back then. Last summer I painted it chocolate brown, even though I wanted to paint it black, but didn't because I paint everything black. So now it's just how I want it, but I think I might sand the edges a little. Oh, the pillow, sorry. I'm easily sidetracked. I've been drooling over all the burlap pillow covers I've seen in the high end catalogs. Made with French feed sacks, or printed with birds,crowns and fleur de lis, I love them all, but they're way too spendy for me. So, I figured I could wing it, and make my own. This was less than 5 bucks to make. (Shh..Now don't tell, but I used a real ugly pillow with a cats and ivy print as the insert)Perfect for my bench, which gets some sun. My little bunny will come in at night when I remember. After I took the photo I added a little basket with some eggs, so I guess I've officially started decorationg for Easter. Well, that's it for now. Not exactly the all alone and quiet day I had planned watching HGTV and Forensic Files, but it's not often that I get to snuggle up with a little one anymore. (My baby is 12!) Did you know there are lots of old cartoons on Boomerang? We watched the Smurfs and ate cookies. Not a bad Monday at all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break!

I'm sorry I've been so long between posts. I've been getting ready for the TDIPT Mercantile update on the 15th, and packing up for our Spring Break trip to Santa Fe! I spent most of the week shopping for all the ski stuff that was outgrown since last year. The boys will be skiing, and I'll just be shopping,eating,maybe a little sketching and eating some more. It's beautiful there, I love it so much! Below is a photo taken near the condo last year. Gorgeous!