Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A big box from 1890 Gable House Goodes...

Last week I received my Scavenger Hunt prize package from Misi, and I've been anxious to share  it with you since. But, between sharing my computer with my now working from home hubby, sharing my camera with a travelling son, and all the other nonsense that is crammed into the end of the school year, it hasn't happened. I did snap a few photos right after I opened the heavenly scented box, so that's what I'll show you for now.

This box was crammed with so many wonderful things, I don't know where to start! It was all so beautifully presented and packaged!

See what I mean-overwhelmingly wonderful! Click the photo for a better look, and excuse my crappy, hurried photography. Oh, it smells SO good. Misi packed in tons of her yummy creations- an Apple Dowdy candle in a wax covered jar, a Bliss Bee jar candle, wax tarts in the same scents, and three of the coolest tallow-ish candles I've ever seen. I have to smell them whenever I walk by them-I can't figure out exactly what it is they smell like, but I LOVE it. There's also a big bag of potpourri in Gable House Tea scent, some springy wax covered bowl fillers, the sweetest little twig wreath with tiny purple flowers,  and 14 egg gourds all packaged up with some nesty stuff and feathers.

And the fabric covered boxes! The one with George Washington's portrait on the top has the best feathery print fabic on the sides. Then there are two round ones covered with the most gorgeous fabrics. They're just my colors, and all tied up with string and Sweet Annie. Also, a lovely ditty bag done in a teeny green print with a portrait of a soldier on on it. It's hanging on an old ladder in the kitchen waiting for a bunch of drieds. And the neatest pillow with a portrait of a Colonial Woman on it, she has an old locket stitched on in just the right place. Misi also thoughtfully included one of Cinnamon Creek Cabin's incredible old bears.

Isn't he fabulous? It's so difficult to get your hands on one of these guys, and I'm just thrilled to have him. The old silk ribbon has been in my stash for a while, just waiting for the right bear or doll...He's so cute!

How does one say Thank You for such a generous prize? Opening this box was truly better than Christmas, and I love each and every piece. Thank you Misi, for hosting the most creative scavenger hunt ever, and for this over the top prize box of goodies! I will share more photos once I get my camera/computer/life back. In the meantime you can read Misi's blog HERE. Better yet, visit her selling blog HERE to see her lastest offerings. Misi has wonderful taste, and her attention to the details really sets her things apart. You won't be disappointed!