Sunday, February 21, 2010

TDIPT Mercantile Group Launch on eBay!

The artisans of TDIPT Mercantile are getting together for a Springtime auction launch! Starting this evening, February 21st, will begin a week of handmade offerings that follow our theme "Birds of a Feather Create Together".  Just type TDIPT into eBay's search feature to see the wonderful and unique creations. I'll be listing my things on Tuesday...


Monday, February 15, 2010

A Springtime Giveaway...

Please hop over to visit Christine at Preferably Prim! She's offering a generous giveaway to celebrate her 100th post. Adorable bunnies, and beautiful stitcheries to remind us to hang in there, Spring is coming! Make sure to read through her blog. Lots of great photos, and definitely one of my favorites.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's even Snowin' in Texas!

We rarely ever believe the weatherman when he says snow in Texas. So we were surprised to wake up to the white stuff lightly covering the ground, and huge clustered flakes falling fast. School was cancelled, we're having a real live snow day here! There's probably 3 or 4 inches out there right now and it's still falling, the thich, wet and sticky kind.  My little one said "This isn't even Texas snow, it's like real snow!"   So if you can stand  any more pics of snow, here are a few of Dallas snowstorm, 2010. I had to snap these pretty early this morning, before the kids made tracks across the beautiful blanket on the back's quite a bit deeper now.
My son is currently working on the "biggest snowball ever", and there is already a huge pile of we clothes by the back door. This is snowman #1.

I know those of you buried in several feet are laughing at our dusting of snow.Most of you are so sick of it, and tired of being snowed in, but for a bunch of Ohioans, we are pretty excited. We don't usually get more than an inch or so of the dry, blowing stuff. Seeing all of your beautiful, white photos, I was frankly, a little jealous. The little guy above is our native Texan, and I think he's most excited of all. I'm just happy to have my boys at home with me for the day, making cookies and watching movies in our sweats with the fireplace burning. It will be gone tomorrow, so we gotta cram it all into one snow day! Thanks for bearing with me...


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frames,Quilt Blocks, and WWW...

I love old quilts! I have several single quilt blocks that I've gathered over the years. I've picked them up at flea markets and antique stores, and a few at the TS. It feels a little sad to see part of someone's unfinished quilt, and I wonder what happened to the rest, and why it wasn't completed. So they always have to come home with me if they are reasonably priced. I finally decided to do something with them. This week I've been on the hunt for some square picture frames. Any excuse to go to a thrift store, right? I managed to find just one frame out of 4 stores, but it was the right size for my favorite block, the red basket. It was hard to get a good photo with the glass and the gloomy weather-it's a nice deep red, and the white parts are naturally aged to perfection! I found this block in an antique store in Lebanon Ohio, nearly 20 years ago. My husband and I spent a Sunday afternoon there, having lunch and browsing the antique stores. We didn't have much extra money then, so after a nice lunch, that little red block was probably all I could afford that day. Everything was so expensive, but I have the best memories of that day. It's a shame that it's taken SO long for me to do something with it. These will all go in my guest room. The simple nine patch blocks are pretty sturdy, so I may make them into throw pillows for the bed . I don't know the name of the other one, but it's really well done and aged so nicely too.

I was also able to finish up a cross stitch  that I've been working on. It's just aida cloth, so it went pretty quickly. I'm learning to stitch on linen, and it's really difficult for me and my old eyes! Not sure what's up with my camera today-it's making all the reds too bright. This is really much more rusty and subtle.

I'm looking for a frame to prim up for it as well. So that's about it from me.I've been busy with cleaning, organizing and general house stuff, so not a lot of creative time. Please be sure to check in with Leslie at My Country Home to see what everyone else is up to!
Have a lovely week!