Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I get a Do-over?

On this blogging thing? I mean, I have to be in the top 10 worst bloggers for 2009. So let me start over, and try again. I'm much more organized this January than last, so let's hope I can keep that up. I am currently on hiatus at TDIPT Mercantile, but am planning to have some offerings ready for Spring, probably April. My work this year will be a reflection of what I really love. Old, worn, well loved dollies, and Santas. I've pulled out some inspiration fabrics and remnants. The basket below will be sitting on the work table in my sewing room, along with my pattern making materials, all ready for me to get started... There are indigos, double pinks, ticking, drab browns, and antique coverlet pieces in there.

The big doll is Lizzie. Sometimes she wears homespun or indigos, but today she's Amish. That's a real Amish baby dress she's wearing.* Love it* The little boy I made ages ago, out of old materials. They'll be reminding me to keep it simple.

Since today is Whatcha Workin on Wednesday at one of my favorite blogs, Leslie's My Country Home, I'll join in with one of my first re-dos of the new year. These are just those basic pine cheese boxes you've all seen. Below is the larger one, I stained it back in the 80's when everything had to be stained. It's been on top of my kitchen cabinets unseen, to lift up some baskets I have displayed there. The smaller one I found at the thrift, with an ugly mauve painted wood cutout that said "Welcome" hot glued to the top. I peeled that baby off and left it right on there on the store shelf.

I painted them in my favorite blues. I am loving them now, and have to move some stuff around to find them a prominent home.

So I'm off for now, there's lots on my to-do list today. But first, I think I'll grab a Diet Coke, and read a few blogs!


Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Love the way those turned out!

Leslie said...

Don't beat yourself up for not keeping up your blog :) You can have a second chance...or how many ever you want :)

Love the cheese boxes! I have two but mine are actually still just stained. I thought I needed the stain to break up all of the paint around the

Have a great night :)


ohiofarmgirl said...

Dear Katherine,
Thanks for stopping by..we live mid-northwestern ohio...we do have snow about 6 inches but they are calling for a warm up and I am ready for it to melt for now.
Love your little amish...I used to have a few of them...mot sure what became of them.
Take care and i will be back soon. Dianntha

bayrayschild said...

Great job Katherine!
I just swithed my bedroom colors back to blue after the Christmas Holiday ended.

So those sure would look very much at home at my place. Ha!

Hugs, Audrey

JenW!~ said...

great job. I love the colors you chose.