Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday...

Wow! Has another week gone by already? It's Whatcha Working on Wednesday over at My Country Home, and I have just a few things to share. This is my first Needlepunch project. It's coming along okay I think, though I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I just bought a book at Hobby Lobby, and taught myself. It bugs me that I have to stop punching, separate the floss and rethread the needle so often. I'm really impatient with things like that. I bought the hoop recommended in the book, but it still doesn't hold the fabric tight enough, so I have to adjust that often too. I'm enjoying it though, and I should have it done soon, just a few more little areas and then the background will be black with a little charcoal mixed in.

I've also completed several more of these guys. Some are for orders, and the others I'll add to my selling blog in a day or two.

This is what I should be workin' on. I've started this and need to finish. This is my lavendar bed. Well, there are a few other things in there too, but I have 4 kinds of lavendar that grow really well here. See, that little angel is prayin' for me to please get busy and pull out those weeds and ugly dead stuff. Today would be a perfect day to do it. It's 80 degrees out there, almost too hot in the direct Texas sun! I won't even show you my herb bed. It's crazy full of weeds and parsley, and the little gnome that lives there would be embarassed.

So that's it for me this week. Be sure to hop over to Leslie's and see what others have been working on!


Leslie said...

I like your little punch needle so far! I want to do that...that's something I need to decide to learna and do it. I have this punch needle thing that my Gram bought me many years ago for Christmas and I never messed with it. I actually found the punch needle in my box with craft paint so apparently I found it at my Mom's at some point and brought it here and I didn't throw it out yet! LOL I wonder if I could figure it out, though, I don't have the book anymore....

Your bunnies are cute, too.

I can't even think about's still winter here....soon enough and then I'll be crazy trying to get all of the beds under control!

Have a great night!


Village Folk Art said...

Well I have a x-stitch sampler I started over a year ago and there it sits. I love the stuff, but get too antsy sitting too long. I'd rather paint...hehehe.
Any ways...I love the idea of several different kinds of lavender in a group. Lavender does well here in the Mojave and you have inspired me to do something like your garden.
I am sure the angel is keeping a watchful eye as is my St. Francis.

Love your blog,