Friday, July 9, 2010

A project complete...

Summer has been so very busy for our family so far, but I've been able to squeeze in a little time here and there on "my stuff". I had this small bookcase in my donate pile after some tweaking in my younger son's room. We needed a place to put my husband's favorite books in the office, so this was the right size, just ugly as all get out. I forgot to take a before, but here's what it looked like-fake natural pine, but with the back panel painted navy blue. (It had been in two toddler/little boy rooms).

I already had all the stuff, except the two small rosettes, so I just went to it, figuring I had nothing to lose.  I attached the moldings with wood glue and my brad nailer. Having never painted this kind of fake wood before, I just did what I would do to prep the real thing,  a light sanding with 120 grit sandpaper. I was pretty confident though, because I was using a super duper high quality Benjamin Moore paint. It's latex but goes on and wears like oil. So awesome. It got two coats of black, and probably three of the tan to cover the navy on the back. 

I lightly distressed the edges, and gave the whole thing a coat of Early American stain. I normally use a dark walnut, but I knew the laminate wouldn't absorb the color like the wood moldings, so this looks more uniform.

Here's a terrible shot of the whole wall. This room is dark without the overhead lights on. I spent less than $5 on the top rosettes, and accessorized with what I already had. Notice the gum machine is empty? And the keys are in the top? It is impossible to find the old square bubble gums, and everything else gets stuck.So it's pretty much an oversized candy dish for whatever we find at Costco... 

So happy with my cheapie makeover! Now I'm off to watch Wall-e on this rainy afternoon! My little guy is growing up on me so fast-I'm thrilled that he still wants to watch old movies with Mom.

I'm linking up with the sisters at Shanty 2 Chic for their "I made it without my Hubby" party. Go take a peek!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth Y'all! Should be back to a regular posting schedule later this week...