Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the winner is...

I apologize in advance for the lack of photos, but I'm posting from an old computer. Long story. I just wanted to be sure I announced the winner when I said I was gonna. I used a random number generator to pick, but I couldn't get that to show up here either. But what I did was number each comment in order that they were recieved, then I went back and marked those that got an extra for posting on their blog, and recorded those in order. So without further ado, our winner is:

Karen from My Colonial Home!

I received so many sweet comments, and appreciate every one of them. I wish I could send something to each of you. Even better is that I've found so many new great blogs to read! This was so much fun, I'm already thinking about the next giveaway. Thank you all so much for playing!



Pieced Pastimes said...

Congratulations to Karen! I am sure she will love this wonderful giveaway and thanks to you Katherine for doing this.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

OH MY OH MY!!!!! YIPPEEEEE I WON...thank you Katherine!
I will treasure these beautiful itmes and display them with honor...THANK YOU and YES, it's Karen with a 'K'

Sending off my information now.....
Hugs, Karen

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Congratulations Karen! A more sweet and well deserving person could not have won! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway Katherine. Hope you have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Congratulations to Karen! I am also sure that she'll love your wonderful giveaway Katherine! Thanks so much for having it!

Have a great weekend!


KKL Primitives said...

Congrats Karen!!!! :)