Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello and a Sneak Peak...

I'm sorry it's been so long between posts. I'm just getting over a cold and sinus infection. I started what was supposed to be a real quick redo of our guest bath before I got sick. It's not quite finished, but I'll give you a sneaky peek at my inspiration...
This is only part of the mess I created for my family to walk around. There's lots more around the corner. Why does it take every tool in the garage to complete the simplest tasks?

Here's a before photo of another little side project I picked up yesterday. I have several old spoons that I'd like to display, so I'm re-vamping this old 70's looking thing. I've got some plans for him...

Have a great weekend!


bayrayschild said...

Oh Katherine, you've got my attention!

I just love your choice of fabric and color and can't wait to see the finished results.(I sure hope you won't keep us waiting too long)

What a nice treasure you have for displaying your spoons. Are you going to paint it?

If you know anything about me, decorating is in my blood. Ha!

I'll be back!

Lou Cinda said...

Katherine: I got my rabbit and I LOVE IT!!! He is so precious ~ thank you so much!!!

I'm gonna blog about him! And tell everyone where I got him!

Lou Cinda :)